Why You Should Join Speedway Super 6 Investment Package

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The Speedway Super 6 was designed to assist people to earn Bitcoin within the shortest time possible. 90% of the incomes produced in the Super 6 Speedway plan, as well as in the Super 6 MDP Plan go back to members.  The founder of the Super 6 Package had a brilliant intention of uplifting millions of people to live better lives.

The main objective of Super 6 is to create a community of people with extended love and kindness. Hence, a community with the inner recognition of a need to show compassion to others. All of us face problems, troubles, and grief at a given time in life.

However, the Super 6 community aims to take the Super 6 opportunity to help its members solve their problems while extending compassion, kindness, and love to others. Hence some people ignore their pains and afflictions for the sake of others.

Speedway Super 6 Video Presentation

Millions are earned in the Super 6 total package, where members receive large incomes through this world concept in which everyone earns.

Speedway Plans

The Virtual, decentralized project – 4 x 4 Forced Matrix, peer to peer system, with a mandatory 4 members personally enrolled.

The Cost – $7 Plan – Once off $7, 20 – Transaction fee included.

Adding Value – The aim with the Speedway $7 is to fast track and increase our Crypto Portfolio and have members earn in the meantime by payouts every week!

Speedway Super 6 Compensation Plan

An image of Speedway Super 6 Package Compensation-Plan

Members earn as soon as they reach an income of $21. The next amount of $105 is utilized to buy 15 Bonus Positions for you. Therefore, they are automatically placed in your direct down line under your code – and immediately marked as “ACTIVE”.

Positions are visible in your back office under PERSONALS. Hence, the positions can be channeled to family members/people who you wish to help or bless. However, the profile can be amended in the back office to show the details of the new owner.

Bonus On Top Of Your Bonus!! Members exit the $7 Plan and enter the $16 Plan with 85 PAID positions. Therefore, the positions will fall into the SW $16 matrix – first open positions – from left to right.

Speedway Super 6 Incentives

Are you still a spectator? Position yourself! Say YES to life!

Check our corporate website

Your Sponsor ID: Insert GM1882469SS

Steps For Registering In The System

Above all, you have to understand that Speedway has two packages, the $7 and $16. So when you get onto the website go to the $7 Block!!

Click on register and a page will pop up and fill in the following details.

  • Sponsor ID: Insert GM1882469SS
  • First Name and Surname
  • Email Address
  • Country
  • Password
  • Bitcoin address where you will receive payments.

After registering, a screen will pop showing your User ID and password. In other words, write it down or take a picture of it. An email will also be sent to show that your registration was successful.

Speedway Super 6 Payments

To pay for your account, click on the Pay with Bitcoin button. Thereafter, you will see an address to pay to and the amount. Please copy the address and write the exact amount you have to pay on a sheet of paper.

For example, if asked to pay 0.0010456. Please pay that amount. You should not round it up or anything. If you do so, your account will not be active.

Then you go to your Blockchain or Luno to make payments. The account will be active in less than a minute.

Secure your position now!

Your Sponsor ID: Insert GM1882469SS

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