SOPs for Attending to a Hotel Guest Room

A photo showing a standard hotel guest room

A hotel is an enterprise that provides paid accommodation on a short-term basis. Hotel rooms are usually numbered or named in some smaller hotels to allow guests to easily identify their room. Some boutique or high-end hotels have custom decorated rooms. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. A hotel guest room is a bedroom in a hotel for visitors or guests to sleep in. It provides the best resource for guests to relax after a long day’s engagements.

The following are some of the available types of hotel guest room:

  • Standard Room,
  • Deluxe Room,
  • Executive Room, and
  • Presidential Suite.

Initial Room Condition

Your pledge: To provide rooms that make you feel comfortable.

  • All printed collateral pieces will be neatly laid out, giving a sense of organization and precision.
  • Desktops and bathrooms countertops will have uncluttered space available for guests to place their personal belongings without needing to move other items.
  • Rooms will be clean, tidy and fresh smelling.
  • All known guest requests will be delivered within thirty minutes of arrival.
  • All items shall be in good working condition.

 Daily Room Service

Your pledge: To provide rooms that give the warm feeling of home away from home.

  • In cases where rooms display a “Do Not Disturb” sign; the guest will be contacted by 2:00pm by letter and asked if they require service. The room will not be serviced until instructed to do so by the guest.
  • In cases where rooms are double locked during the day, a housekeeping supervisor and a security team member will physically inspect the room that evening at 1800 hours.
  • Guest’s personal clothing, toil tries, and other articles will be neatly straightened and left in the same place they were found.
  • Any maintenance concerns observed by housekeeping or guests will be attended to where possible before a guest returns to the room.

 Guest Room Turndown

Your pledge: To provide freshen up a room in readiness for guest to sleep.

  • In cases where rooms display a “Do Not Disturb” sign, a card will be placed under the door inviting guests to call for service if desired.
  • Guest’s personal clothing, toiletries and other articles will be neatly straightened and left in the same place they were found.
  • Both sides of the bed shall be turned down for a double bed and one side for a single bed.
  • Suites, Deluxe, and premier rooms shall be turned down.
  • All curtains will be drawn neatly.

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