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Miniorders is the easiest and most convenient way to create your own online shop and manage your clients in simple way. The following are the six reasons as to why you should sign up for your e-commerce online shop at miniorders;

It Is Easy and Customizable

With the aid of miniorders, you can create a simple but powerful shop where you can sell your services or goods at your convenience. They have developed this shop to be friendly for customers with the main focus on the products being sold. Miniorders shop is equipped with great features like affiliate marketing tools, worldwide shipment management and many more. It is very easy for you to trade from anywhere in the world.

Products Management

Miniorders is equipped with a fully customized product management system where you can easily add as many products or services as you wish. You have the opportunity to add rules of sales type, quantities, limitations, promotions and many more.

Discount Management

Miniorders orders allow one to create discount codes that are fully customizable. Connect with your products, orders, values and dates. You can capitalize on this to increase your sales.

Shipment Management

With shipment management, you can sell to any place in the world if you prefer. Develop different shipping costs schemes for your global customers.

Payment Management

With Miniorders, you can connect to PayPal, Strip, Dotpay and Wire transfer. You can give your customers an opportunity to pay using their most convenient way possible.

Order Management

 With Miniorders, you can manage diverse orders generated by your online shop without stress. You will be able to add shipping information and manage returns and any other information you require to process the order.

Learn more about Miniorders and how it works here:

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