Maintenance Request Standard Procedure in Hotels

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Every hospitality establishment has a Maintenance Department that is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe, orderly and respectful working environment which contributes to guest and staff satisfaction. It should be noted that there are some maintenance areas in which contracted services supplement and/or have major responsibilities for building and/or equipment maintenance.

The Maintenance Department has the prime responsibility to maintain the interior and exterior of hotel buildings, grounds, roadways, and all fixed and moveable equipment through preventive maintenance and repairs. There are a variety of factors associated with the desired level of hotel building maintenance that relates directly to the availability of resources.

In order to meet the increasing demand for maintenance services in the hospitality industry, proper planning and requisition procedures must be in place to reduce incidences of overloading workforce in the maintenance department. Apart from emergency cases, hospitality establishments should adopt a proper method of maximizing the use of available resources in the maintenance department while reducing the wastage of time.

Summary of Maintenance Request Standard Procedure

The following is the standard to be adopted in processing requisitions;

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  • Requests for maintenance assistance are handled within twenty minutes, or an alternative time agreed upon by the staff member and guest.
  • If the guest has called due to an oversight in the room, or due to a maintenance fault, the team member will sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  • When follow-up is required, the team member will explain when, and by whom the follow-up will be carried out, and that deadline will be met.
  • When a guest is out of their room, maintenance staff is required to enter with security staff.
  • They should first knock on the door and identify themselves to confirm whether the room is occupied or vacant and then enter.
  • If a follow-up service or correction is required, the guest will be contacted to ensure that they are satisfied with the response.
  • If a repair has been carried out while the guests are absent from the room, a personalized note (fix me) card will be left.
  • Before placing a caller on hold, the team member will ask for permission to do so and wait for a response.
  • If calls are placed on hold, contact is made every forty seconds offering the caller the choice of remaining on hold, leaving a message, or receiving a callback.
  • Callers who are transferred to a different department will be advised whom they are being connected to.
  • Calls will not be screened.

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