Introduction to Hotel SOP



Hotel Standard Operating Procedures refers to those standards that cut across all departments in a hotel. It’s clear that many hotels are seeking big design changes to appeal to the more informed tastes of today’s sophisticated customer demands. This means looking outside of the hotel and researching into other building typologies to identify inspirational cues that will set them apart from the competition.

The following are the best practices in hotel operations;

Grooming and Personal Hygiene

  • Associates shall wear name tags for easy identification to guests.
  • Name tags should be branded with a hotel’s name and uniform across the group.
  • Associates shall always appear well groomed and well attired at all times.
  • Uniforms should be fresh and clean without any stains or creases.

Staff Conduct

  • Greet guests with a smile and speak clearly in a friendly manner.
  • Make eye contact, even in passing, with an acknowledgment to a guest with a smile.
  • Create a sense of recognition by using the guest’s name, when known, in a natural and discreet manner.
  • Take ownership of a guest’s simple requests and if necessary.
  • Always try and escort the guest to their destinations.
  • Refrain from telling the guests “No” and instead offer alternative solutions.
  • Never give the guest ‘excuses.’
  • In handling guest’s complaints or comments, listen calmly and sincerely, apologize for any inconveniences and then precisely describe the action which should follow, and follow up immediately.
  • Show care and concern for the guest’s well-being and safety.
  • Display a high sense of personal integrity in dealings with guests, colleagues, and co-workers.

Guest’s Call Handling

  • Pick all calls within a maximum of 4 rings.
  • Don’t put callers on hold for no more than 15 seconds.
  • Answered calls with the relevant hotel phone greeting depending.
  • For internal calls, observe the guest name and use it in the conversation.
  • Handle calls with a ‘smiling voice’ by the associate.
  • Dont’s interrupt when the guest is speaking, but listen and respond appropriately.
  • Repeat the request/order along with special requests where relevant.
  • Disconnect the phone only after the guest has done so.

The introduction to Hotel Standard Operating Procedures forms an overview of all the standard operating procedures as applied in hotels.

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