Hotel Room Service SOP


Room service is part of the hotel operations where they serve food conveniently to their respective guest rooms by just calling the room service department and place an order of food and drinks to be sent to their room. Room service is a 24 hours service. Room service or in-room dining is a hotel service enabling guests to choose menu items for delivery to their hotel room for consumption there, served by staff. Room service is organized as a subdivision within the Food and Beverage Department of hotels and resorts.

Why Room Service?

  • Guests enjoy meals in the privacy of their own room.
  • They can place orders even at odd hours.
  • Food is delivered to the room, therefore it saves time.

Advantages of Room Service

  • Some guests would wish to have their meal in casual wear, even in the nightclothes.      
  • Some customers cannot start their day unless they have a cup of tea or coffee as soon as they wake up.

The following is the standard operating procedures for Hotel Room Service;

Your pledge: To offer 5-star customer care with flair, quality, professionalism, and confidence.

  • All telephone calls will be answered with a clear unhurried voice within 3 rings. If more than 3 rings an apology will be offered.
  • All telephone calls to be answered with “Room service, good morning/afternoon/evening, how may I help you.”
  • The order and room number will be repeated to the guest for clarification.
  • The guest will be advised of the estimated delivery time and thanked for their order.
  • The telephone receiver will be placed after the guest has put theirs down.
  • The maximum delivery time for a room service order is 30 minutes.
  • The service tray will contain necessary accompaniments and cutlery and fresh-cut flowers.
  • The guest door should be knocked gently. The knock should be twice followed by a verbal prompt “room service.” The tray will be placed at the guest’s convenience.
  • The guest is presented with the bill and thanked; the waiter leaves the room after checking guest satisfaction.
  • The guest will be called after 15 minutes to check if they are satisfied and happy with their meal.
  • All trays will be cleared from guest rooms within 45 – 60 minutes after service.
  • If for any reason, the tray cannot be cleared immediately, the guest will be advised to leave the tray outside the room for clearance.

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