Hotel Laundry and Public Area SOP


Hotel Laundry SOP

Your pledge: To provide an alternative, timely and careful handling of guest’s clothing.

  • Same day “express” laundry service will be available seven days per week, for dry cleaning and normal laundry.
  • “Express” laundry is collected by 10:00 am and returned the same day by 6:00 pm.
  • Regular laundry is to be delivered within 48 hours.
  • Before placing a caller on hold, the team member will ask for permission to do so and wait for a response.
  • If calls are placed on hold, contact is made very forty seconds offering the caller the choice of remaining on hold, leaving a message, or receiving a call-back.
  • Callers who are transferred to a different department will be advised whom they are being connected to. Calls will not be screened.
Hotel Laundry Saloon

Public Areas SOP

Your pledge: Guests will enjoy the hygienic tidy and comfortable the Hotel public areas.

  • Housekeeping trolleys and equipment will always be neatly arranged and appear clean and well organized.
  • Equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, will never be left unattended; cords and wet floors will not be left exposed to guests unless warning signs are present.
  • All team members will take ownership for the presentation of the public areas and will actively ensure they remain presentable.
  • All public washrooms will be tidy and fresh at all times, including ample stock of paper products and soap.
  • Appropriate and presentable signage shall be used to inform the public. For example, slippery floor, cleaning in progress and maintenance repairs in progress.
Hotel Entrance Hall

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