Hotel Front Office SOP


The front office is the heart of any hotel. The standard front office operating procedures will address everything from the appearance of employee uniforms to making guest reservations at local theaters. These procedures are crucial to a hotel’s continued financial viability.


  • Concierge services reflect a comprehensive knowledge of a range of information.
  • Staffs should have detailed product knowledge of the hotel, its services, and facilities.
  • They should be aware of various city events and activities, for recommendation and promotion to guests.
  • Guests should travel in vehicles that are impeccably clean and in the perfect working condition.
  • Guests should be received warmly, efficiently, with a smile and eye contact.
  • Guest baggage should be handled with care and delivered safely within 5 minutes after guest arrival.
  • For all group arrivals, luggage is handled with care and delivered safely within 15 minutes after the guests enter their rooms.
  • Guest luggage is collected from the guest room within 5 minutes of request and placed in the designated area in the lobby.
  • Requests for airport drop-offs should be conducted smoothly, efficiently with the vehicle in sterling condition.

Front Desk

  • Acknowledge and welcomed guests with eye contact, and a warm smile.
  • Allocate the required rooms for physically challenged persons and advise them on special services.
  • Pre-allocate room keys for groups and offer a briefing room for the check-in process.
  • Billing instructions should be clarified from the guest’s reservation details in the system.
  • Guest bills should be clear, easy to read, completely accurate and neatly folded.
  • Guests must sign receipts, invoices and credit card printouts.
  • Check-out departing guests within 7 minutes and politely requested to fill out the guest feedback form.
  • Bid farewell to guests and request them to return.

Guest Relations (GRO)

  • Ensure that V.I.P guests’ rooms are in sterling condition and the amenities in place before arrival.
  • Guests must be called within 15 minutes of check-in to extend a welcome.
  • The associate will respond to calls within 3 rings and offer an apology if answered after 3 rings.
  • Handle efficiently and conclusively guests’ complaints within the shortest time possible and give feedback.
  • Inform GRO staffs of all hotel activities and its environs at all times.
  • Recognize preferred guests as per the hotel repeaters’ award scheme.
  • Escort the physically challenged guests to their rooms.


  • Handle Inquiries within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • The clerk should have sound product knowledge and good speaking and listening skills.
  • Answer phone calls with a clear voice, speech, and proper pronunciation.
  • Repeat systematically and precise the details of the reservation before disconnecting.
  • Chart bookings accurately and promptly e.g. Name, arrival, departure dates, and room type.
  • Staffs are fully knowledgeable about hotel booking policies.
  • Provide alternatives when rooms are not available.


  • The switchboard associates must be neat, articulate and have sound product knowledge.
  • They should have good communication skills and awareness of the activities of the day.
  • Answer calls within 3 rings using clear voice modulation, speech clarity, and proper pronunciation.
  • Provide assistance to the callers and give feedback within the first two minutes of their request.
  • Use simple language; avoid slang and technical terms or industry jargon.
  • Inform callers before transferring them to other extensions, within five seconds.
  • The switchboard staffs should be audible, warm and maintain a friendly tone.
  • Record wakeup calls accurately.
  • Switchboard staffs must be conversant with the emergency numbers and evacuation procedures.

Hotels cannot operate effectively without a front office setup. “The first impression is the last impression.” Guests always make a judgment about the hotel based on their initial experience at the front desk. This can culminate in overall good or bad experience in the property. 

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