Hotel Conferencing Operations Work Instruction


Conferencing refers to proceedings where people get together to reflect on a particular topic. Conferences are more often held externally as they involve larger numbers of attendees and people from different businesses. Hotels’ Conference & Training Centres are often better placed to offer the facilities, equipment, and environment required for a successful event. It’s usually formal, with an agenda and a program of activities planned. Some conferences are residential where the delegates participate in team building and other activities whereas others are non-residential and therefore accommodation is not available on site. Hotels are ideal for handling an individual company’s conferencing requirements.


To provide quality services and facilities for conferences in a friendly environment


This applies to all the services and facilities provided for at the conference centre.T


The Banqueting Manager shall be responsible for the implementation of this procedure.



  • The banqueting manager shall prepare different conference packages to suit the available facilities.
  • Client on request for quotation from the banqueting manager regarding conference packages and bookings, the banqueting manager shall send quotation to the customer as per their request.
  • Client on confirming the function through a confirmation order, the banqueting manager shall check conference bookings diary on any reservations of a conference taking place on that day before accepting a booking.
  • The banqueting manager shall give alternative dates if fully booked, if not he shall inform the client of the availability of the conference room.
  • Client on confirming alternative dates, the banqueting manager shall block the days booked in the conference bookings diary.
  • Where the client does not confirm, the banqueting manager will not block the day.
  • The banqueting manager communicates the conference function to the waiters and the chef.
  • In case the client cancels the order, he/she shall issue a cancellation letter of the same.
  • In case the date of conference changes, the client shall issue a letter to that effect.
  • Waiters shall request for the items they require by filing in a Store Issue Note.
  • The storekeeper shall issue the items to the waiters as per the hotel procedure,
  • Service staff shall set up the conference room.
  • On the day of the conference, the waiting staff and the food production staff shall render the expected services.
  • The client shall acknowledge receipt by signing a conference service delivery book.


  • After the function, the cashier shall obtain the confirmation order from the banqueting manager.
  • The cashier shall raise an invoice to the client and attach the copy of the confirmation order and register sales in the conference sales book.
  • The banqueting manager shall check and verify the invoice and forward to the client and issue a receipt.

The banqueting manager shall bid guests farewell by thanking them for their patronage and welcoming them back to the hotel facility.

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