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Excellent Customer Service in the Restaurant:

Restaurant diners who believe that their servers are nothing but “food taxis;” carrying food and empty plates back and forth from the kitchen don’t understand how crucial servers are to good food service and the overall dining experience. The key to delivering excellent customer service in the main restaurant is identifying why your customers are there. This allows you to match their motivation with their orders with products and service right for their particular experience. The magic of services comes when teams are equipped at all levels with a thorough understanding of procedures, products and expected level of behaviour, which altogether will meet and hopefully exceed the customers’ expectations.

Enhancing the Customer’s Experience:

Efficient Service Delivery

Make sure the customer’s experience does not become cheap due to your busy schedule; this is the management’s responsibility to be properly staffed. People are understanding and appreciate when the restaurant is busy; however, one cannot be forgotten. If the food is taking too long, often a small gesture of offering a complimentary cup of soup can be so cost-effective. It appeases the hunger of the customer, lets them realize that they are not forgotten, and is an easy way of working with the customer at a low cost for the restaurant. The worst thing to do is to have the customer sit there and feel that no one is concerned about their decision to spend money at this operation.

The following are main restaurant brand standards applicable to the hospitality industry;

Your Pledge: To provide excellent, quality, creative, international-themed dining accompanied with consistent, personalized service.

  • The customer is acknowledged within 30 seconds of arrival with eye contact and a warm friendly smile and a verbal greeting.
  • The hostess introduces herself, room number and number of guests identified, the preferred location for dining is requested. Assistance is offered with bags if any.
  • Reservations made if available. Regular customers, customers with reservations and special parties are shown to their prepared tables.
  • Customers without reservations are invited to have a drink at the lounge if no table is available, upon which then an estimated waiting time is given and agreed. Smoking / non-smoking preference is established.
  • The customer is escorted to his table, satisfaction is checked with the location, and chairs are pulled (ladies being given priority).
  • The guests are then introduced to their waiter within 30 seconds if available. If not, customers are briefed on the theme evening with an emphasis on the active cooking and a wine list presented to the host.
  • Customers are offered an aperitif.
  • Drinks/aperitifs are served within 4 minutes of ordering from a clean tray and handled by the base. All drinks to be accompanied by the bill.
  • The customer is escorted to his table, satisfaction checked, the breakfast format/menu is explained and the customer is invited to the buffet.
  • Crockery, cutlery, and glassware are cleared within 2 minutes once finished with.
  • Additional drinks are offered every time there’s ¼ of drink remaining in the glass.
  • During breakfast, hot beverages replenished as necessary.
  • Guest satisfaction is checked 15 minutes after the main course has been started.
  • Tea/coffee is served within 3 minutes of ordering.
  • Guests will be presented with the correct bill within 4 minutes of request and the bill placed on the table in a glass with a pen. If the bill is charged to the room, the signature on the key card is checked for customer security.
  • The correct change/receipt is presented back to the customer within 5 minutes on a clean bill folder. For AI guest the beverage bill is closed immediately and presented to the guest.
  • Ashtrays will be cleared with no more than 2 butts in the ashtray at a time.
  • The change will be returned within 5 minutes after paying.
  • On departure, customers are assisted with coats and bags, thanked and wished a pleasant day/evening.

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