Handling Conventional and Conferencing Clients


Conventional and conferencing clients are the core business in most hotels and first-class hospitality establishments. Considering the fact that there is seasonality in hotel business especially at the coastal lines, most entrepreneurs and investors are diversifying their operations by tapping into a conventional and conferencing business. This has promoted domestic tourism from the local population hence a second source of income to hoteliers. The changing trends and preferences in terms of customer expectations in the industry have necessitated the need to adopt a standardized way of doing inquiries in terms of space reservation and availability of other subsidiary services that complement meetings. This is the only way to assure quality products and services to hotel and hospitality industry clients.


The following is a detailed procedure to follow when handling inquiries for conference and group meetings;

Your pledge: To provide responsive assistance with the emphasis on the guest’s success.

  • Once the caller has given information to one team member, they will not have to repeat the same information to another team member.
  • During the initial conversation, confirmation of space available is provided.
  • If the hotel rooms are available on that date, or if the booking cannot be made for some other reason, alternatives are offered, including alternative dates.
  • Guests are aware of the extra value of the hotel through the emphasis on the assistance of dedicated meetings staff, or on creative and tasty food service.
  • First-time callers are offered a tour of the hotel facilities. The team member will provide their name and invite future inquiries directly to them.
  • The conversation is closed by agreement between the guest and the team member as to exactly what will happen next, and when it will happen. Agree on a specific follow-up date.
  • All requests for information are responded to within one business day.
  • The purpose of the written offer is to reflect the hotel as a quality company.
  • The paperwork has to be clean and well presented and the spelling, grammar, and punctuation have to be corrected.
  • Personal follow-up will automatically occur within three days of any routine inquiry for information.

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