Guest Complaint Handling SOP


In the hospitality industry, both complaint, and compliments are supposed to be handled equally. In most cases, complaints are more important to the company than compliments because of the fact that the former acts as an eye-opener to loopholes and other discrepancies in providing effective customer service in the hospitality industry.  A standard guideline for complaints handling provides a roadmap for identifying and dealing with customer complaints at hand. This will minimize time wastage in making prolonged scrutiny caused by delayed reporting of problems. It will also increase customer confidence in the organization hence repeat business.

This calls for the need to have a clear flow of procedures in dealing with customer complaints as shown below;

Your pledge: To provide an alternative response by staff who listen and care.

  • Team members listen attentively, maintaining eye contact and without interrupting. Emphasis is on listening and showing empathy with the guest’s point of view.
  • A sincere apology is extended, and the guest is thanked for their comments.
  • Complaints will be discussed discreetly, where possible in a private area away from other guests.
  • When follow-up is required, the team member will explain when, and by whom the follow-up will be carried out; and that deadline will be met.
  • If a follow-up service or correction is required, the guest will be contacted to ensure that they are satisfied with the response.
  • In food and beverage, complaints are resolved immediately and discreetly with perhaps a refund or replacement of the item at the discretion of the supervisor or manager on duty.
  • For serious complaints, a personal note or letter will be delivered to the guest.
  • All correspondence will be answered within one working day.

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