Food and Beverage Service Work Instruction


Purpose – To provide food and beverage sales and service in a timely and efficient manner while ensuring customer satisfaction

Scope – Applies to all food and beverage preparation, service and sales at the hotel including all deliveries.


CO:                             Captain Order

Mis-en-place:            Pre-preparation

SIN:                            Store Issue Note

Waiter:                      Also includes waitress

Responsibility – The Restaurant Manager shall be responsible for the implementation of this procedure.


  • The waiter shall request for items required for their mis-en-place from the store by filling in SIN and have it authorized by the Restaurant Manager.
  • The waiter shall be issued with the items from the store and sign for the items received.
  • Waiter shall conduct their mis-en-place, for example, cleaning, polishing of cutlery, crockery, filling cruets, arranging and laying tables.
  • The chef shall communicate the menu to the waiters.
  • The waiter shall check the menu and have a full understanding of the dishes, methods of cooking, garnishes e.t.c.

On Customer Arrival

  • The waiter shall welcome the customer (s) at the restaurant and help to sit them.
  • The waiter shall present the menu to the customer; allow time for them to make their choices / take them through the menu.
  • For the manual system, the waiter shall take their order in triplicate from the left-hand side of the guest and offer suggestions, advice on the menu and translate any items if necessary.
  • The waiter shall take the top copy to the kitchen and present it to the chef, second copy to the guest as bill and retained by the cashier after payments have been done.
  • For the digitalized system, the waiter shall take the order on an order pad from the left-hand side of the guest, offer suggestions/advice on menu items as necessary.
  • The waiter shall proceed to the point of sale and post the order into the system in which both the kitchen and bar copy will be sent automatically to the respective service points.
  • During payment, the cashier will be able to retrieve and close the bill from the system as per the laid down hotel billing procedures.
  • The waiter shall place the cutlery and flatware required to serve the meal on the table.
  • The waiter shall serve the drinks and meal to the customer.
  • In case the client declines the food presented, the waiter shall return it to the kitchen for cancellation by the chef.
  • The waiter shall present an alternative to the customer and raise a new captain order for a manual system or automated order for the digitalized system.
  • The waiter shall clear the cutlery and flatware after meal consumption and crumb down.
  • The waiter shall present the second copy (yellow) of CO (bill) to the customer in case of manual billing or printed bill from the cashier in case of the digitalized system.
  • The waiter shall give receipt and change to the customer if any and surrender the yellow copy or printed bill to the cashier.
  • The waiter may present feedback form to the customer to fill and drop it in the suggestion box.
  • For the manual system, the cashier shall retain the yellow copy for accountability and reconciliation of the captain orders.
  • In the case of the digitalized system, the cashier shall retain the carbonated copy of the paid bill to use in reconciling the sales summary report with paid bills.
  • The waiter shall clean the table and relay if necessary.
  • The waiter shall bid the customer farewell and thank them for their patronage.

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