Enhancing Customer Satisfaction in Hotels


Customers are the main reason for being in any business. As an entrepreneur, you must devise ways in which you would like customers to feel when they visit your establishment. Remember that, the first impression is always the last impression – meaning the way a guest feel on entry to the hotel will affect his/her overall experience during the entire stay in the establishment. These feelings do not come by default but rather they require some catalyst. As a professional service provider, you will require to enhance them.

The following are the standards which can be adopted to ensure a smooth relationship between customers and the overall experience in the hospitality establishment:

Let Your Customers Feel Welcome

Offer a smile and warm, genuine welcome at the front door, such as “Good evening. How may I help you?” Make sure the host’s desk faces the door, not the back wall.

Let Your Customers Feel Pampered

Provide valet parking and someone to hold the door open. Make sure customers’ coats and umbrellas are taken and stored securely. Have staff pull out chairs for customers as they seat a party.

Let Your Customers Feel Important

Remember and use returning customers’ names, and greet them with “welcome back” keep track of regular customers’ preference and important dates.

Let Your Customers Feel Relaxed

Make sure the dining rooms’ heat, lighting levels, and music are appropriate and consistent. Ensure that the dining room is spotlessly clean and that furniture is attractive and in good repair.

Let Your Customers Feel Entertained


Offer to entertain tableside preparations or live music, if appropriate. Provide a variety of menu and beverage items, including some novel items unique to your restaurant, and describe them in an enticing way on a menu that is usually interesting.

Let Your Customers Feel Relaxed, at Ease

Make sure the reservations process is clear and efficient. Provide waiters with enough knowledge about menu items so that they can answer questions and make suggestions/recommendations with confidence, and train them well in how to read customers’ body language so that they can address needs that customers may not feel comfortable expressing. Offer diners choosing wine the expert assistance of a sommelier.

 Let Your Customers Feel Satisfied

Ensure that portion sizes are appropriate (not too big or too small) and instruct waiters to offer guidance if dinners seem to be ordering too much or too little food.

Let Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Maintain a “thank you” mailing list. Ask customers for their opinions, and listen carefully to the responses. The key to all the elements is that each specific action can be trained. For example, you can train your reservationist to say “may I put you on hold?” and wait for the caller to answer before doing so so that the potential guest does not feel as if he or she has been dismissed or treated rudely. This is the essence of service –doing things that will lead to a guest’s satisfaction.

When followed properly, these procedures are effectual in maximizing customer satisfaction. 

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