Dos and Don’ts in Talent Acquisition Process


Hospitality experts/managers play a major role in the recruitment process for new employees in the industry. In order to perform an excellent job of conducting employment interviews and evaluating applicants, it takes more time than having an informal discussion. It calls for training in the skills, techniques, and requirements of successful interviewing.

The following standard interview procedure has been carefully customized to ease the recruitment process that can be adopted in the Hospitality Industry.

Talent Identification

The key differentiator between a good and great organization is their ability to find, develop and retain talent. If an organization is to survive then it will be through ensuring the continuity of its workforce and having the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills.

Stages Involved:

1. Develop Selection Criteria

• Ensure job specification is up to date and consistent with the requirements of the job.

• Formulate criterion of selection which are consistent with the job specification i.e. only include skills, experiences e.t.c. that are required.

2. Interrogating

• Ensure a comfortable environment.

• Ensure adequate time is allocated.

• Trade testing.

• Psychometric testing.

• Have questions prepared in advance.

• Ensure consistency and fairness in questioning.

• Focus on the real needs of the job instead of making assumptions and stereotyping.

• Allow the interviewee time to make their point.

• Allow silence.

• Keep records of questions and answers.

• Invite the interviewee to ask questions.

3. Making the decision

• Rank applicants according to performance against essential and desirable qualifications.

• Verify the information received.

• Record decisions made and reasons for them.

• If requested provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

How You Can Tell When Someone Is Lying?

• Deviation in eye contact.

• Change in voice (stammering & throat clearing).

• Unusual body language {brings hand to the face, & fidgeting or tapping their foot).

• Making contradicting statements

• Changes subject easily.

Questions To Avoid In an Interview

• What tribe are you?

• What religion are you?

• Do you plan to have children?

• Are you pregnant?

• Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

• What’s your height?

• Are you a 0.5 or are you just naturally light-skinned?

Finally the most effective interviewing is a really tough and prolonged process. Every interview and every hire are equally significant to the organization. But with the above tips, you will be in a better position to reveal the best candidate and best fit for your organization.

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