Customer Service SOP


“There is only one boss in a business – the Customer! And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman to the staff, simply by spending his money elsewhere. (Sam Walton – Founder Walmart).

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or service. More often, customer service takes place while performing a transaction for the customer, such as making a sale or returning an item. Customer service can take the form of an in-person interaction, a phone call, self-service systems, or by other means. Customer service is an enormously important part of maintaining ongoing client relationships, which are key to continuing revenue. Ideally, customer service should be a one-stop endeavor for the consumer.

Companies must make a commitment to providing up-to-date information to customer service representatives. To avoid complicating an existing problem, employees need to have the latest and most accurate information about products and company policies. Periodic assessment of customer service is essential to running a successful company. Surveys allow customers to provide feedback about the service they receive and to suggest areas for improvement.

Customer service is giving the customer…………………………

WHAT he needs WHEN he needs it and in the WAY he needs it.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are categorized into two: Internal and External customers

  • Internal customers – these are employees of the organization.
  • External customers – these are our clients/customers who do business with us.

For you to be a successful organization in service to external customers, you must first serve each other.

Getting Your Message Across

The way we communicate with customers can make the customer decide to stay or leave.

Fact: “Success in business and customer service go hand in hand.”

Why Customer Service?

Customer care:

  • Determines the company’s future,
  • Ensures customer satisfaction,
  • Facilitates product awareness,
  • Tool for feedback,
  • Maintains relationships,
  • Retains the customer.

How to handle difficult customers

  • Stay calm, speak calmly and slowly,
  • Don’t take it personally,
  • Thank the customer,
  • Show empathy,
  • Get consent to ask questions,
  • Define the problem,
  • Remain positive,
  • Be polite,
  • Don’t argue,
  • Find a common ground with the customer,
  • Be honest and consistent,
  • Apologize,
  • Take action,
  • Allow him to express his arguments,
  • Consider it a route to improvement.

Types of Customer

  • Demanding customer – Wants it now, does not care about the details. Want to only deal with staff who are confident, maintain eye contact and staff who handle their issues effectively.
  • Influential customer – Likes to chat, loves relating to others needs and wants to talk. Likes to see smiles relationships important to them and want it resolved in a friendly way.
  • Steady customer – Interested in how things work, does not like change. Don’t rush the guest, otherwise, he gets upset.
  • Complaint customer – Interested in quality, likes rules being followed. Likes things precise, in order and accurate. To face this guest, facts and supporting documents are required.

Using Correct Questions

How to use questions

  • Ask the right questions,
  • Ask enough questions,
  • Listen to the response,
  • Act on the responses.

Effective Ways to Get the Message Across

  • Watch your pace, it must match the customers,
  • The volume must be not too loud or too soft,
  • Show emotion though avoid getting caught up in guests problems,
  • Watch your attitude, it can either calm the guest or annoy him.

Gestures to Avoid

  • Arms folded across the chest – closed arms indicates defensive,
  • The hand covering the moth – this indicates lack of confidence,
  • Leaning back against an object – this indicates not interested,
  • Avoiding eye contact – this indicates not listening,
  • Never chew gum in front of a guest – this indicates no concentration.


“Effective customer service is service with a smile that keeps the guest coming back”

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