Banqueting and Meetings Service SOP


Banquet service is more elaborate due to the scope of the event or size of the number of people present. Banquet service always varies depending on the set-up of the event. Service type offered depends on the diversity of the event, menu, and bar set-up where applicable.

The meeting room where the event takes place must clearly indicate the name of the function as well as the status in order to indicate whether the function is in progress or not. Every staff member must be informed about the selected service sequence during the briefing session before the function starts.

During the banquet/meeting, all the steps of the service sequence must be clarified to everybody. All required equipment must be prepared and cleaned to ensure a smooth set-up and service.

Your pledge: To provide the finest conferencing service in town and smooth hassle-free experience.

The following are step by step standard operating procedures that can help improve service delivery to customers in Hotel Conferencing, Banqueting and Meeting management;

  • Meeting organizers are personally greeted by the banqueting manager and escorted to the meeting room where the features are introduced. Time of coffee/tea breaks and lunch discussed.
  • Directions to the meeting room will be posted prominently and featured fully correct and accurate spelling.
  • The banqueting manager will be the point of contact and will ensure that all details as requested in the event orders are effected i.e. service of tea/coffee cookies/meal hours are honoured. He/she will be physically present during all meals for the purpose of obtaining feedback and implementing as is so requested.
  • All equipment and amenities are fully set and tested in the room 30 minutes before the appointed time. Particular attention should be paid to sound systems and LCD projector usage with PowerPoint PC presentations.
  • In cases when a group requires equipment which needs a technician e.g. LCD, DVD, PA system a technician will be allocated the whole day to help in working with the company of hiring.
  • Accurate, clear and simple instructions are offered to explain the use of air-conditioning on and lighting controls.
  • The services of the business centre are positively promoted to the organizer.
  • All refreshments are prepared exactly as ordered and ready before the appointed time.
  • When delegates are out for the lunch break, the room must be replenished with fresh glasses, chilled mineral water, flip chart paper and writing pad. Empty all dustbins and check if all the toilets are clean and fresh.
  • Throughout the day contact should be made with the organizer to see if they have everything required, and additional requests should be dealt with promptly.
  • Team members will use discretion whenever entering or leaving meeting rooms occupied by guests, remaining quiet and unobtrusive.
  • At the end of the event, the organizer’s satisfaction is checked and feedback asked. Billings of the guests comes after the physical headcount has been done, compared to the event order and has the organizer sign it off. This happens after the function. When the organizer and the guests are seen off by executives, a vote of thank is given to the organizer for having chosen XYZ hotel as the preferred choice to host their function.
  • Guests can preview the bill, which is clear and easy to read.
  • The organizer is asked about future bookings and sales leads are passed on through the agreed channels.

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